Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Yes, over a month has passed and I have finally learned who our new principal is going to be! Actually it hasn't been officially announced but I found out on the sly. I had an idea it was between two people but didn't know for sure who it was.

I get a message today from one of my coworkers who found out the name from our custodian. The new principal stopped by the building today to check it out and met our custodian. Our custodian then started to tell everyone who it was. Now let me remind you I was on the interview team and spend over four very full days in interviews. Do you think they had the courtesy of telling me before our custodian? Nope. At first I was a little ticked, but I have to say I am happy because he was my number one pick.

The thing about principals is, you never know who they are or what they are going to be like, until they step into the building. Someone can be so good in interviews, but bomb in the actual situation. I am hoping that this one is a keeper!

Now I can relax the rest of the summer!

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