Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Week in Review...

Yikes... Dare I even say this? I MeMimi, turned 30 this week, it was my golden birthday! I know some of you are thinking, 30 been there done that! I actually don't care about the number (that's what I tell myself) :)

I didn't technically announce my birthday to the kids, but it's on the birthday chart so there was no way escaping that one. Actually, they were incredibly kind and brought me presents; body soaps, lotions, sprays (do I smell here, are they trying to tell me something? HA) One boy gave me a notepad and a pen set, he wrapped it in bounty paper towel, which I thought was terribly adorable.

He says, "You know what you can do with it?"
Me, "Write notes in it?"
Him,"Nope, write the names of the naughty kids."

Mr. Thingy (see post Never Dull...) is obsessed with Michael Jackson songs lately. He sings all the time. During math group he asked me if I knew any songs. Well of course I do, then was forced to sing parts of every song I could think of. How does he suck me in every tine and manage to get me off course?

We had two fire drills this week. It seems every year they actually alarm that goes off gets louder and louder. It's hard to tell the kids not to cover their ears, when I am so tempted to.

This year classes can receive compliments from staff, they record them down.
After the drill, on the way back to the classroom, one of my little misses tells the teacher next door, "Mrs. J, I was very impressed at how great your students were during the fire drill. I am giving them a compliment."

Good for her for trying, but compliments can only be given from adults. I am thourougly loving my kids more and more each day.

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halpey1 said...

Thanks for you comment on your page! Would you mind if I added your blog to mine? Not exactly sure how to do that yet, but I will investigate. :)

Oh - and happy bday! Welcome to your 30's! :)