Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hysterical Laughter...

Are there moments when you are teaching when something the kids do or say or how they react to things are soooo funny that you can't help but to laugh to the point you cry? Happens occasionally, but yesterday was a doozy, despite my trying to plow through.

I am currently reading the book, "Sign of the Beaver." I just started reading the book but the kids seem to be into the story so far. Yesterday I reach the part where the main character Matt gets rescued by the Indians (Native Americans, whatever is PC). They were describing the dress the Indians wore, lion clothes etc. You get the gist here. There were little chuckles but I kept of moving. As I am reading I can see around the book the kids looking at each other, smiling, quietly giggling. I keep reading until I can't ignore what is going on, of course I have no clue.

I stop reading to ask what is so funny. They all look at each other and say, "No you tell her." "NO you tell." "I can't say it."

At this point I am like, someone please just tell me here! They are laughing more and more. Finally one girl, "We're laughing at the thongs." What?, apparently when they were describing the moccassions in the story they say how it was made of leather with thongs that tie up around the legs. Ok, I have to admit from a kids visualization point, I can only imagine what they thought those shoes looked like to them.

Ok, that was it, here they go... Thongs. Of which, Mr. Thingy jumps up and has to announce his BROTHER has one. I am telling him to take a seat, I don't want to hear it. but of course Mr. Thingy can't hold it in, it is killing him to not shout out the story. Even with my evil eye look, he can't stop. At this point the class is in hysterical laughter.

It was one of those moments where everyone needed a minute to recoup and then I was kind of able to move on.

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