Sunday, July 4, 2010

What I have been up to...

Well, a little bit of nothing!  I know, really nothing.  Lazy summer days, some sunshine, some rain, and well training a new puppy.  Yep, I got a puppy two weeks ago because who wants to spend their summer vacation training a new puppy?  Me!

His name is Jack, here are some stats on him...
-chihuahua mix
-15 weeks old
-came from a rescue organization, so I can officially call him a rescue dog
-loves my dog Coco
-is in the biting, nipping stage right now
-loves to cuddle and loves to seek out trouble
-is 5.2 lbs as of last Wednesday for his rabies shot

Here he is...

He found a leaf and was showing me.

He is long like a dachshund (maybe his other mix side of him?)

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Literacy Teacher said...

That is one cute puppy !!