Sunday, February 20, 2011

Literary Device - Figurative Language Posters

Happy Weekend Everyone!  It is pouring rain here, which is melting that two feet of snow we got a couple weeks ago.  Can you say, "Bye Bye Snow"!

Ok, so I admit, I started a facebook page.  Not to strut my stuff but as a way to get the word out of things I want to share with everyone.  Think of it as a better way to be connected.

My Teaching Spirit Facebook

Today I am asking you to "like" my facebook page.  In return you can follow the link to download a set of 7 Literary Device Posters.  The posters cover, onomatopoeia, metaphor, simile, hyperbole, alliteration, and personification. Here is an example of some of the posters that I have created.  I hope you enjoy and can use them!

You can find  the download of the posters here...


Workshop Classroom said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the posters! Great for mini lessons!

Chanda said...

I love your figurative language posters. I just printed them to use in my 4th grade classroom. I know this is probably alot to ask, but do you happen to have one for "idiom"? If I make one of my own to add it will look so out of place next to the ones you made.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Is there one on parody?