Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Have to Go There :)

Ok, warning, not for the sick of stomach....

I come back from lunch today, was just about to walk in the classroom, when I notice that the teacher next door is ushering her kids out into the hall. So I kind of stood there for a sec to see what was going on, the teacher was still in the room.
The 2nd graders eagerly told me someone threw up.
So I ask did the girl go down to the nurse?
The teacher comes out and says no she is still being sick in the room.
So, next thing I know the teacher starts gagging and her face turns red! It was all too comical.
I said, "Take your kids away, I will take the girl down to the office."
I walk into the room to see the little girl just standing over the linoleum in front of the classroom sink, and below her is what was leftover of her lunch, hotdog chunks! I told you think was not going to be pretty. Grabbed the garbage can and the girl and walked her to the office, free of more throw up. Although the teacher calls down the hallway to the girl, "Did you have Cheetos for lunch today?" (Trying to figure out what made her sick)
I relplied back, nope it was only hotdog!
I told the girl, "That hotdog just did not like living in your stomach, he wanted out." She gave me a smile.
I get to the nurse, get the girl seated, tell her there is the bathroom in case you are sick again.
The nurse was out, so I tell the secretary, who then tells me the custodian is out to lunch and can't clean up the mess right now.
I lost it, laughing so hard, not if front of the girl.
I said there is no way the teacher is going to go back into her room, it was hotdog chunks!
Needless to say, the teacher stayed out of her room for over a half hour until it could be picked up and the little girl promptly went home.
Ahhh, just another day as a teacher :) After freezing all day, I needed a laugh like this one!

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