Thursday, March 5, 2009

Unleashing of the Wild...

They were running around, screaming, like wild uncaged animals, enjoying the first signs of spring today. They have been cooped up all winter long like hibernating animals.

It hit 65 degrees today! Ah, it is so good to have some warmth back into the air.

I was in my room during lunch today and took a moment to watch my kids run wild on the playground. Ok well at first I was spying on my kids, who decided not to listen when I told them, "If you come with a jacket to school, the jacket stays on during recess!" It was still only 54 during recess time. I could see the pile of jackets on the one and only bench next to the playground.
Then I spied one of my students at the very top playground platform, still dressed in winter jacket, gloves, scarf, hat, and earmuffs over the hat. At least someone still listened, even though it was a bit much for the weather. He was having a great time playing by himself, winter garb and all.

Spring- don't tease us here and go back to being cold! We like you, please come out and play!

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