Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Out of the Mouth of...

Do you ever find yourself using words or sayings that the kids say? They say them so often that one day you catch yourself saying that word or phrase and then think to yourself, "Did I just really say that?"

Here are a couple I have caught myself using...
1. One student likes to say, "Roger, Roger!" after you ask him or the class if they understand. Now I walk around saying to kids, "Roger, Roger?" Instead of asking them do you understand.

2. An invented word this year is, smartical. Meaning, you are so smart. Yes, guilty of telling the kids that they are so smartical when they respond with a great answer.

3. Last year the phrase of the year was, "Are you cereal?" instead of "Are you serious?" I once caught myself saying this one time, had to put and end to it quickly!

You know, sometimes you can't help it. You are with these kids for 6 hours, they begin to rub off on you. I just hope I rub off onto them more than they are rubbing onto me. (ok that sounded wrong, but you get the gist)

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