Thursday, April 2, 2009

A little bit of nothing...

You know not much has been going on lately. Last week was spring break, which was very badly needed. The weather suck royally. Rain, cold, cloudy, then the last day of break we got a freak snowstorm and got about 6 inches of snow! It was kind of depressing. I think my body is lacking the Vitamin D you get from the sun. I'm turning into Vampire white. The characters in Twilight can pull it off, I'm not sure if I can pull off sexy ghost white.

Yesterday was April Fool's day, which I forgot about. This would of been the class to do a trick on. Instead they tried to do tricks on me. One boy tried to put a sign on my back that said "April Fools!" Then after lunch the boys give me an envelope and say, "Don't stick your hand in it."
I opened the envelope and it vibrated quickly, made me actually jump. Some sort of gizmo inside to make it do that. I admit it was good.
The best April Fool's was from a boy my first year teaching, came in with a cast on his arm, he had broken it earlier in the school year, and thought that he did something again to it. Played "broken arm" the whole day, even got the class to go along with it. I played up to it, helping him and whatnot. Then at the end of the day found out he was playing me all along. This was a first grader, so props to him for being so clever and getting the class to keep it quiet.

Oven just buzzed, dinner done! One more day this work week and 8 1/2 more weeks of school left!!!

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