Friday, April 24, 2009

Fly Butterfly Fly...

The first grade class across the hall has been studying and hatching butterflies for the past several weeks. I have really enjoyed running over to watch the latest stages of development.
Yesterday was their release day. The teacher takes the kids to the courtyard, opens the butterfly cage, the first butterfly opens its wings and starts to fly away.
Up, up, up it goes, the kids are cheering and full of excitement, when along comes a bird and eats up the butterfly in mid-air! The kids were all screaming!
Luckily the rest made it out into the world safely and it could of been a teachable moment on the food chain.

So then I find out that over the previous weekend some butterflies had gotten out of the cage, on Monday there was a sub in the classroom. The sub is teaching and here comes a butterfly and lands on the table in front of him. He grabs the math manual and smashes the butterfly to death. The kids were yet again screaming. Let's just say the classroom teacher was quite livid when she got wind of that story.

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