Thursday, June 11, 2009


My classroom and the room next door is separated by a dividing curtain, not a real wall. The teacher next door and I like to keep it open a crack in case we need to step out of the room or have emergency stories to tell. We call it our "drive thru window."

I hear a little, PSSSTTT, which is code for come over here now. I go over there to her pointing to something on her desk. I look down to see fuzzy handcuffs, not kid like ones, the real metal one embellished with red fuzz around the cuffs. I almost died!

She proceeds to tell me that little Miss brought them to share today. When asked where she got them she proceeded to say her dad. They were confiscated quickly and the parent called to come pick them up. Ahhh, it is things like this that make my day a little brighter and more interesting!

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