Saturday, August 29, 2009

If You Find This Note...

As I do every year, I was cleaning and organizing my book in my classroom library. (Have I ever mentioned that I have well over 2,000 books?) Yah, no small task cleaning that! It was quite a treasure hunt finding all sorts of things the kids stuff in the book baskets; pencils, erasers, pretzel bits, dead bugs, crumpled up paper...

I was straightning my Goosebumps book box when I noticed a small note taped to the side of the box. It says, "If you are reading this you have almost found the time capsule. To find it look to the left between the two book cases."

So I look between the two cases, nothing. I move further to the left, look from the top, down to the floor and there is a box. I had to reach down and over to get it. I look inside to find a note, saying Congratulations you have found the time capsule! Inside the box were pencils, drawings, two dollars, some knick-knacks and an electronic 20 questions game.

I was laughing so hard, it was so clever and fun to find! I put all the contents neatly back and placed the time capsule back in it's resting spot. Let's see if anyone in my class this year can find it.

(I actually knew that there was a time capsule put into the library, a group of boys told me they did it at the end of last year, it did take two days of organizing the library to finally find it though.) You gotta love kids!

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superstargenius said...

That sounds like something gifted and talented kids would come up with! I like that you put back the "time capsule" and didn't throw it away!