Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Staring Into Space...

That is what I am doing right now (well besides writing this :)

Today was our first day of school! I was really ready and excited for school to begin, my room was all set, my plans were made. It was an overall good day. Good news is that I have four kids on my list who moved over the summer, so I only have 20 right now! Score one for me!

They were quiet today, which is nice but at the same time I love when the kids are comfortable with me and their personalities show through. Today was full of careful answers and blank stares. I really like my class. Just one or two big personalities.

The first day is always incredibly exhausting for me. I feel bad but I am missing our back to school party tonight at school. I am so tired that I tend to stare off into space and can't form complete sentences, which would not be a good first impression for meeting parents tonight. I usually go to everything our school has planned, so I think I can slide on this one.

I look forward to tomorrow and the rest of the year. Let's hope things remain as smooth as things went today!

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