Sunday, September 6, 2009

Smooth Sailing...

This school year has gone pretty smooth so far. I really like the kids and I think they like me. You know how young kids are, every year the teacher they have is their favorite teacher. One of my new boys says, "You are my favorite teacher ever." It's only been 8 days of school so far.

You know I was just thinking that I skipped my annual bad headache on the first morning of school this year. Every year on the first day of school I wake up with a bad headache, I skipped it this year.

Several years back I had just moved into my new house the weekend before school began (bad idea, never do that). The night before school I fell asleep just fine. I awoke to a big storm outside probably a little after 1 in the morning. Fell back asleep, woke up an hour later because I had lost power, then got a headache, then my smoke detectors decided to take turns beeping once a minute. (Hey I just moved in, how was I to know the batteries were low?) Needless to say, by 5:00 a.m. I couldn't take it anymore, I called my parent's house, asked how to get the car out of the garage, packed my stuff up and drove to their house. Still had a headache, and was barely alive for the first day of school. I will never forget that start to the school year.

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