Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Top Three...

I am listing her my top three favorite quotes of the week...

#3- The third grade class was working on compound words this week. They were struggling with the concept, thinking that you can put any two words together. One boy raises his hand, thinks he finally has one... "Boytoy!"

#2- In my own class yesterday, little miss, calls me over to the window, we have view of the first grade entrance. School had just began and kids were still coming into the building.
She is literally shouting, "Look they can't get out! They are stuck! They are trying but they are stuck!"
I go over there to find out what she is talking about.
She says, "Look the humans are stuck!"
I look at her and said, "Did you just say humans?" Thinking I had heard her wrong.
"Honey, the humans would be people."

#1- Top quote of the week comes from the sixth grade classroom. A boy goes up to the teachers and while pulling and jiggling the skin beneath his elbow, asks what this is called.
Before she can answer, one of the other boys says, "Oh that's called foreskin!"


ms.understood said...

This post was very funny. Thanks for making me laugh!

Literacy Teacher said...

I love reading your blog. These quotes made my day!