Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bravo Bravo....

Do your kids give you a round of applause when you finish reading a book?

Mine do, every time. I can read a sentence and they would give me an applause. I chuckle inside every time. I have to admit, I love reading stories. I get so into the characters and make up voices.

The other day I was reading a short passage from the book, Childtimes, which is a memoir/biography. The name of the short piece was, "Hot Rolls." It takes place in the south and the author was trying writing about Sunday morning breakfast. I brought out my southern drawl accent. I had the kids so engrossed in the story, they were eating out of my hands. They were slightly leaned in, nodding their heads as I read along. It was the best.

Another book this week was, "Why Do Chickens Cross the Road?" In this book there are two chickens who are trying to figure out what animal they are. I imagine them both being pretty dumb. My accent for the female chicken ended up sounding like that lady from the SNL skit that Cheri Oteri did. You know the older, drunk, medicated, prescription addicted, crazy lady.

You just have to have some fun once in a while.

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