Saturday, November 14, 2009

Well, Duh!!...

My kids have to give monthly speeches on given topics. I usually have one to two students presenting their speech each day.

So yesterday one of my boys goes up starts to give his speech, starts talking about Vegetarians. Now in my head I am thinking, ok what topic did he choose? I start the list in my head of what they could choose from, but none of the topics matched his speech on vegetarians. He continues to talk about how they don't eat meat, etc.

At the end of his speech I kindly ask, "What topic did you choose for this month?" I was very curious as to what he was going to say. He gives me a look and before he can speak, several of my students turn to me and say, "Veteran's Day!" Said in a way, that was like, come on now teacher, what planet do you live on? Duh!

The four topics they could choose from were: 1. Discover memories, 2. Talk about three colleges, 3. Discover a constellation, and 4. Discover Veteran's Day, what are veterans and why is the day important.

Veteran's, Vegetarians, what's the difference? Now my kids probably think Veteran's Day is a day to celebrate vegetarians!

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-Miss V- said...

thanks for the laugh! my grade fives during my practicum used to respond in that same exasperated tone lol