Monday, January 4, 2010

No, It Gets Deeper as You Go...

I was trying to explain the beach and ocean today to a student who has never been. I don't think I was very successful, at all.

He was reading a book about sharks and was asking me how to say the word squeamish and then wanted to know what it meant. He was sharing his insights and questions about sharks with me when he stated he would never go in the ocean because it might suck him under. I had asked if he had ever been. No.

I said to him, well you can just go in up to your knees then. He gives me quite the quizzical look. So I tried to explain that the further you go into the ocean the deeper it gets. I said you walk along the ground until the water is too high.

Still a deeply confused look. I said, look sweety, the ocean is not like the pool, you don't just jump in and it is over your head. You walk into it. The water starts off very shallow and gets deeper and deeper. I used hand movements to demonstrate the water moving up.

Nadda. Nothing.

I think he will just have to experience the ocean for himself before I think I can ever explain it to him. I found it a losing battle after a good several minutes trying to explain it.

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