Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Happy New Year...

I for one am not a resolution type of person. If I want to change something, I just go for it and do it. Like the time I gave up fast food for two years. Gasp, yes I was able to do it, it was hard but it started off to see how long I could go as a personal bet.

For the past few months, I don't know something about turning a new age bracket, I feel way more at peace with who I am and where life has taken me. So I started to really live happy. I am a pretty happy person to begin with (not all the time, there are those days that everyone has to have). However, I have decided to not get upset over the things I cannot control and to see the positive side of things. So far this has been great, I really do feel a difference in day to day things. I am carrying this into the new year, with the hopes that life will give back in return.

A conversation I had with someone not to long ago revolved around getting along with others. I had said to this person, "You know, you might not agree with their personality, and you don't have to, but the key is to find the right thing in that person, that will help you cope with having to work with them." In a building you do not have to be friends with everyone, heck I don't want to be friends with everyone. I don't need to eat lunch with them or stop by their classroom for a little chat. However, that being said I find that just a little hi and a smile, in the morning is enough and can go a long way.

I hope everyone has a great 2010, I hope it is the best ever!

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