Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Winter...

Ahh, the sounds of winter break!

No kids asking, "Is it lunch yet?" No bells ringing eight times a day. No morning announcements. No electric pencil sharpeners.

All I hear is the sound of the snow melting off my roof, snowplows (after 14 inches of snow Saturday), my dog occasionally barking out back door, and the constant murmur of the tv.

Gotta love winter break!

I hope everyone had a great holiday!

Merry Everything and Happy Always!


Vagabond Teacher said...

I had a plumber come in to my home today and he asked if I was on vacation or just took the day off. I told him I'm a teacher and was on vacation. He said, "oh, it must seem really quiet."

Enjoy it!

MeMimi said...

Only two more days of quiet! Although I suspect the kids will be more quiet on Monday than normal, well except for them all wanting to tell me what they got for Christmas.