Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What Happiness Means...

I think "ironic" is my theme lately. It seems whenever I talk about a subject, it always comes around to find me a couple days later.

Monday we returned to school. A little sluggish in the morning but was excited to see my kids again.

I had laid out everything I needed to teach before I left for break but still had to go through and see what I really was doing.

I took a glance at our writing lesson for the day but really did not pay attention to what the content/wording of the lesson really was until I had started.

Ends up the kids had to create a poem based off the tag line... Ideas for Feeling Happy! I had to chuckle since this is something I am living by and thought ok, let's see what my kids can come up with.

This is what I love about teaching...

Every once in a while kids give me a reminder on how simple life can be. To not worry about the big stuff but focus on the small things. Next time I am having one of those days I'm going to take the advice of what my students brainstormed for being happy...

Ideas for Feeling Happy

1. Jumping up and down (I think I would look a bit silly doing this but ok, maybe in the privacy of my own home)
2. Chasing after my sisters (have one younger sister, next time we are together I will make sure to chase her)
3. Playing football (does watching count)
4. Eating cheesy lasagna (definite option) and finally....
5. Listening to the rat-a-tat-tat of my shoes dancing (obviously one of my more gifted students came up with this one)


Theresa Milstein said...

It shows that it doesn't take much to bring happiness to young people. Adults need to remember that too.

Literacy Teacher said...

I love this teaching idea. I may have to steal it and relate it to teaching reading somehow!