Saturday, January 16, 2010

Proud Moment...

This week, my fourth grader, beat out all other classroom representatives to win the school spelling bee!!!! This is the first level of the Scripts Spelling Bee we all see on tv.

Our school bee was during their lunch hour, I got to see the beginning of it but had to go back to the room after lunch. It wasn't until like 40 minutes later she can walking in to announce she had won!

I was slightly shocked as I knew she had some really stiff competition, especially in fifth and sixth grade. I was almost speechless as I gave her a big hug and had tears in my eyes. All I could say was how proud I was of her.

And let me tell you this, she did it all while quite sick. She had been out the day before, came back for the spelling bee, then was out almost the rest of the week with a virus.

And... upon reviewing the taping of the spelling bee, our librarian, who is in charge of the spelling bee said that my girl was the only one who you could visibly see she was rooting and hoping for the other contestants as the spelled each word correctly.

The next level is the district level, very stiff competition, but I know she will do her best and I will be there rooting her on, as one of her biggest fans!

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Ginger Snaps said...

I came so close in fifth grade to winning. Oh well. I won't dwell on the past! Cute blog!