Thursday, February 4, 2010

In the Land of Kool-Aid...

Today I introduced our new fiction writing unit courtesy of Being a Writer. The book for today's lesson was Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold. It is a great story of a young girl growing up, telling about her family, making believe she can fly.

One part of the story tells of how on summer nights the families in the apartment building would go up to the rooftop at night and have parties. The book mentions what the families would bring... including beer.

Ok, there goes Mr. Thingy.

"What?!? Did you say beer? Why would they have beer?"

Mind you he is shouting this out. I am giving my evil eye look, eyebrow raised, let's move on look, but in all reality this is Mr. Thingy, he can't move on until his questions are answered.

So calmly I say, "Well sometimes when adults and families get together for neighborhood parties, there might be some beer."

"Do you have beer then?"

Oh God! "No." which is true and with that I was able to move on and finish the story.

Until... we reach the comprehension party of the lesson.

"So boys and girls, in this story there are some parts that can happen in real life and some parts that are make-believe. Who can give me some examples from the story of something that can happen in real life."

Mr. Thingy... "Someone can bring beer to a party."

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Ms. Elem Matters said...

Oh, my goodness! I have Mr. Thingy's twin in my class. Today I had to explain the Gulf War and why we're fighting in Afghanistan to him during the middle of our Social Studies lesson about the Constitution. (I'm still not sure how we got there!) It was a tricky conversation because my Mr. Thingy is Muslim, but we eventually were able to move on. Phew.