Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh The Places You Can Go...

I just finished grading papers, which normally is a chore but tonight was a different experience. I laughed my way through grading papers.

For today's social studies lesson students had to write three simple sentences on which place in the Southwest they would like to visit. They had to choose based off the collage of pictures shown on the overhead.

I thought I would share some of my favorites...

1. I like to goto the gancne to go fishing at there. But that mitgh be people ther and you can klate rogths ther and thne mitg be fagole. That yoie I wonet to go ther an it mitgn be butofall. (it was the butofall that had me in tears, that is a new version of beautiful that I have never seen, btw he wants to see the Grand Canyon (gancne).

2. The place I want to visit is Dallas. I want to go to Dallas because the Dallas Cowboys play there. What I want to see in Dallas is the Dallas cowboys play against another team.

3. I would want to go to dallas because one of my favorite football teams is there. Also I would like to make new friends or famos people.

4. I want to see in Dallas is native americans houses.

Oh I love my kids, good laugh for a Wednesday night. I also made a mental note to schedule a geography vocabulary lesson. Apparently, the country south of the United States in the Rio Grande River.

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