Monday, February 8, 2010

Who Needs a Roomba?...

Pencil shaving dropping incidents have been quite popular lately.

A couple times in the past couple weeks I've had students look up at me with that oppss look as I look down to see the pile of pencil shavings scattered around their feet.

Luckily my neighbor teacher has one of those crumb sweepers in her classroom. So the first time it happened I quickly went next door to borrow it.

The whole class stopped and watched as I pushed it across the floor. It was like a big dinosaur had entered the room, an alien had landed, or I had dyed my hair orange. They all stopped and stared at this thing and watched me sweep up the shavings until every last shaving was swept away.

"Wow, a vacuum with no electricity!"

"How does it do that?"

I was laughing at their amazement of something that would work without electricity. Our next pencil shaving incident had students begging to go get the electric-less vacuum.

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