Monday, February 15, 2010

Rough Week...

All I can say is that last week was a rough one! On Tuesday, five minutes BEFORE the kids entered the classroom, I was informed by our principal that three positions are being cut from our school. They cut teachers by seniority, I am third from the bottom. So this means I will have to transfer schools for next school year.

Good news is that I am guaranteed a job for next year.

Bad news is that I have to leave a school that I am not done serving yet.

I never thought that eight years in I would be in this position. I was RIF'd my first year teaching and thought I would be done with it but nope!

Luckily I only had my kids for the first fifteen minutes before I sent them off to specials. They came into my room and I couldn't look at them, I was on the verge of crying. I know some kids were looking at me thinking what was up, but I held it together just in time to drop them off and get back to my classroom and then have a meltdown.

I was told not to tell anyone because he still had another teacher to tell. I told him to wait to do it, unlike what happened to me! So I was all alone no one to talk to bawling in my room.

Eventually I ventured to my friend the librarian who only had to look at me and guess what happened.

Everyday is a different emotion. One day I want to spit in someones face another day I am sick to my stomach. I won't find out for two months what the outcome will be, where I be teaching and what grade.

The only thing I can do is buckle up, hope that this will be a good career move for me, and go for the ride.

Ummm... did I mention that we had a snowstorm, an earthquake, and a dog who ended up in major surgery due to two torn tendons last week too? HA Yah, I told you it was a rough week.


Joan said...

Wow, that is a tough week. I'm sorry about the job change. I know you know you're lucky to have a job, in this economy, but still it has to be tough to have to move like that.

I know we will have cuts too. But no one has been told...yet.

ms.understood said...

That stinks! I am scared about this happening to me sometime soon...