Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What If We Were The Ones on Wheatie Boxes...

One the way to work I was listening to a morning radio talk show talk about how the NBA has lost something like $400 million or billion (can't remember which one) in revenue since the economy went bad. They were explaining that they are losing money partly because they have to pay out the players contracts.

I got to thinking about how much players make.

Then I got to thinking, what if we, being teachers, were the ones who made the big bucks? If they treated us like celebrities?

I can see it now, little kids wanting the newest edition of Wheaties, with their favorite teacher on the front. We could have trading cards and Nike endorsements. Workplaces would start recruiting during college for the best of the best. If we didn't perform we would be traded to a non-teaching position. Bench warmers.

Luckily, my ride to school is not long, my brain could of gone far with this one :) I can dream right?

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