Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Day in Review...

I have a Mr. Charming.

I have a Mr. Thingy.

Well now I have a new Mr. in town...  Mr. Gentleman

Mr. Gentleman held the door for me today.  What fourth grade boy does that?  Oh wait... it happened at the beginning of the school year when one of the boys in the other fourth grade class wanted to get out of his class and transfer to mine.  He thought that if he sucked up to me that his wish would be granted.  As if I have to power to do that.

But back to Mr. Gentleman.  I have door duty and was opening the door for the fourth graders, greeting them.  He was the last to come in, I held the first set of doors open and then for the second set of doors, instead of just walking and pushing the door open as he went in, he swings around and holds the door, letting me go through first.

It really was one of those, "Oh my god kid, who are you?"  moments. :)

Then later today I was explaining to the class that I had to leave a tad bit early to make it to another school for an interview.  Of which my class is fully aware of my being displaced situation.  Of course this announcement has a few of my kids, who don't clue in as quickly as some of the others, saying,

"What you are leaving us right now?!?"

I explained no, I will be your teacher the rest of this school year.  As I was walking around the room Mr. Gentleman stops me and says, "Don't worry you are going to get the job."  He was very serious, making me love him all the more today.  In fact as much words of encouragement I have been getting from friends and staff about interviewing, this was the one that touched my heart the most.

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