Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Appreciate You Because....

Our PTO handed out Certificate of Appreciation certificates to all the students for teacher appreciation week.  Here are some that I got back... 

1.  You are lots of fun

2.  You let us play the Wii System

3.  You make me giggle!!

4.  You let us do anything we want and also teach cool things and your the most coolest and funniest teacher in the universe.

5.  You are always in a good mood.

6.  You show us new things everyday that helps us be a good students and you treat us with love and respect.

7.  You teach very good!  and you are really nice.

8.  You are Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9.  You are so funny and good for our class.

10.  You made 4th grade seem so easy but once in a while a challenge.  I liked that a lot!

11.  You are really funny and cool. You were the greatest teacher I ever had.  I'll miss you.

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Vagabond Teacher said...

I like to see what appeals to kids. "You let us do what we want" and "you are funny." Seems so easy, doesn't it? Just make them laugh and let them play. Learning is secondary.