Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Hardest Transition of All...

Transition is a word we hear often in the world of education.  How we get students from one subject to the next, how we get them to calm down after lunch, getting them back to the lesson after they have discovered that it is raining outside, going from the bathroom to the classroom... and so on and so forth.

What about us teachers?  The hardest transition of all is going back to work after two and a half months off.  Don't get me wrong here. I am very, very grateful to be in a profession where I can recharge my batteries for an extended amount of time.  It seems the older I get the harder that transition gets.  Getting up, getting ready, getting to school... just being awake, full of energy and spirit, being on our feet most of the day and don't forget those burning thighs after doing a thousand squats to get down to the student desk level.  Here are a few other transition favorites... getting legs and thigh skin accustomed to bumping into the corner of desks and chairs again, can we say, 'Hello bruises!", the noise level, responding to my last name or teacher, and training my bladder to hold it for hours on end.

I realize this transition takes time.  I know that in a week or two that I will get back into the swing of things and feel like my "normal" teacher self.

I hope everyone is off to a great start this school year and I hope it continues to be great!

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