Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Rules of Fighting...



"Do you fight?"

"Umm... no I never fight.  You really shouldn't fight ever.  Is that why your eye is hurting you.  Did you get into a fight, did they get you in the eye?"  As she was complaining about her eye hurting a few minutes earlier.

"No! I always win!" she says with a shake of her head and hips.

"What?!?  You fight? Sweetie, it is not good to fight!  Why are you fighting?"

"But we have rules, like you can't hit or bite."

Imagine me wide eyed and mouth open!

"Well I hope scratching and pinching is on that list too."

"Teacher.  It's just pretend real fighting.  But I always win."

Ummm...  ok.... I think....

But yet again this is from the same girl who told me an hour later that she is a model and that she is moving and that she had to drag the toilet out of her house because she broke it.

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