Friday, October 22, 2010

All The Single Ladies...

I had a group of girls swarmed around my desk as I was checking their papers.  One happened to notice that I had a few leftover chocolate kisses in my candy jar from a project we did earlier in the week.

"Ohhh, teacher, you have chocolate on your desk."

"Yes I do but I am not going to eat them."

"Oh yah, teacher is allergic to chocolate"

"And perfume!"  Chimed in another.

"Yep, I'm allergic to chocolate and perfume."

"Don't forget apples!" another one shouts.

"Yes apples too.  and grass, and tree, and pollen and ragweed and dogs and cat and more."

"What GRASS?!?  How can you be allergic to grass?!?  You like live on grass."

This is the point where one of my smart little darlings says to me, "Oh you probably have your husband mow the lawn while you stay inside then."

"She isn't married, remember. Right teacher?  You aren't married?"

"Yes, thanks for reminding me."

"Yah, she is a single lady.  She is single and parties!"

HA, yes the life of a single teacher, party party party.  More like cuddle in bed, catch up on your DVRd shows and order out party party! :)

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