Thursday, December 16, 2010

Keeping the Tooth Fairy in Business...

My day started with one of my girls showing me her, hanging by the thread, very loose tooth.  Of which I immediately shuttered and made a dramatic, "Oh my!  That is so gross!" face.

I told her just to take a good hold of it and yank it.  Five minutes later she comes to me with it out.  She was so proud that she had just lost her tooth.  She told me, like every five minutes for two hours.  She just couldn't believe it, it just came out.  It was quite cute.

In the meanwhile, another little boy shows me his loose tooth.  I remark on how it will probably come out soon too.  Well, little did I know an hour later, it came out.

In the meanwhile (again), another girl shows me her loose tooth.  Literally, five minutes later, guess who has a tooth out!

I then look about the room to see like half the class furiously wiggling their loose teeth.  I had to laugh, it was a race to set the all time, teeth loosing record for one class in a day.

I hope the tooth fairy comes and gives them a great surprise tonight. :)

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