Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Superman's Glasses...

One of my dear little boys walks in this morning with Clark Kent like black rimmed glasses.  They were huge but remarkably stayed on his face quite well. He has never worn glasses before and well I wasn't quite sure if these were real or not.

I didn't say anything for a good part of the morning, wanted to see what he would do.   Well wouldn't you believe it, those little (or shall I say big) glasses turned my little guy into superman!  For the first time this whole school year, he took a book out when he first walked in and started reading!!!!  What!!!!!  Did I need to get my eyes checked, was he really reading?

Later in the morning I casually mentioned his new glasses.  "Are they real?"  "Yep," he says.

Now curiosity really has me, they can't be real.  After lunch, during his math group, I coyly ask him if I can try out his glasses, see how they look on me.

They weren't real, just really fake.  I never said anything because if Superman's glasses are going to get him to read AND take notes during math group, he can wear them all he wants.

The best part was one of my girls asking him if his glasses were for looking or seeing.

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