Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oh National Boards....

Where have I been for the last four months??  I actually have no idea.  I think I got sucked into a black hole or something like that.  Actually I was sucked in, chewed up and then spit back out.  I know, gross. :)

I decided this year to undertake and tackle National Boards.  Why didn't anyone warn me, hit me over the head, splash water on me to bring me to my senses?  I've had more emotional breakdowns this past few months than my whole life put together.  I am not going to lie and say it was great, full of exploration and growth.  It is like solving one of the hardest puzzles you've ever had to solve in your whole life.  Being as awful as it was, I still managed to get it done (ok well it is almost done, I still have one more week until it is officially due and well I am taking full advantage of that week).

I think it would have been a lot less stress if I didn't decide to go and hurt my knee 10 weeks ago.  It was one of those things that I kept on saying the knee would get better and then I would be able to work on it again, but nope the knee never got better.  Working on it was, well, literally a pain.  So guess who is in surgery just days after turning in her National Board work!

All in all, I do recommend the process if you are looking a challenge.  I promise that you will cry and you will have over 1,000 meltdowns and that you will want to quit at least every other day.  But... once that box is in the mail, I think you will be glad you at least attempted it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no! I tried this 2 years ago when Ohio would give a small stipend for having it. I was also interested in the challenge. I had been teaching for 19 years and felt I needed to give myself a push to re-evaluate my teaching. It did do that but who had time to think about anything else but the section I was writing next. A disappointing experience. I did not pass the first time and by then our school system and the state of Ohio suspended any payment for having it. I chose not to resubmit... I already gave enough of my time to the process. Good luck with you entry. You should feel very proud of even finishing it!