Saturday, November 24, 2012

Literary Devices Posters - Updated

Finally!  I have updated my Literary Device poster set.  It took awhile but I got there! :)    My set now includes 20 pages.  Here is what you get...

1. Title Poster - Literary Devices
2. Personification
3. Hyperbole
4. Onomatopoeia
5. Metaphor
6. Simile
7. Alliteration
8. synonym
9. antonym
10. homophone
11. idiom
12. palindrome
13. pun
14. oxymoron
15. assonance
16. repetition
17. proverb
18. cliche
19. paradox
20. adage




Each poster features the definition, a sentences that demonstrates the literary device and a matching picture. These posters looks great when put on a black, construction paper background and laminated. You can use them to help teach and reinforce the literary devices.



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