Friday, January 30, 2009


If there is one thing I do not tolerate well, its lying! I handle many situations very well and calmly, but lying is one I do not put up with. Yesterday, a boy of mine, lied right to my face about finishing his work, and when I questioned him on, he stilled lied! Arghh, I "dragged" him over to the computer where I then proceeded to email his mom letting her know of the incident. Then I read the to him and then clicked send.
So after school, there comes his mom walking down the hall. I was like ok, here it comes! Unexpectedly, she was there for something else, and hadn't even see the email yet!
I have to say that the parents of this boy are 100% supportive, which is refreshing, for a change. They are looking to whatever they can to help him and me. Today the boy hands me an envelope with my name on it. He wrote me an apology letter, saying I am sorry for hurting your feelings. Love, the boy. Awww very nice of him, now if didn't go and punch another boy in the chest, the both were doing it for fun, a half hour later.
You know I have to admit, I love my trouble kids as much as I love my angel kids. I think teaching would be boring if they were all angels.

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