Friday, January 30, 2009


I have too much to say for one blog today! Our district got a new superintendent this year and boy is he whipping things into shape! It is so refreshing to have someone come in and see our problems and try to fix them, in a good way. He has now totally restructured our administration for next year already, is cutting administrative positions.
Get this, he wants our input too! Each school got a "suggestion box" which I think is more of bitch and moan box for some. Everyday I think of a new "suggestion" to put in the box. Then I tell everyone else to write down that same suggestion so we can stuff the box!

Well, here's to next year, and to hope that teachers are not cut. Which my "psychic" powers" which my teaching neighbor refers ("psycho powers" in a nice way) says teachers are not being cut, may be moved around but not laid off.

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