Wednesday, February 4, 2009

One of those days...

Do you ever have one of those days? You know the ones where you have an annoying headache that is not going away! I know I am not alone on this one! I woke up about 5 this morning, had a headache, took something, went back to bed, woke up felt ok, drove to school and headache came back on the way.
It wasn't one of those I'm going to rip my brains out headache, but just a dull, nagging, my eyes hurt, sinus pain. One of those where you can't search for the right words when trying to talk and you blank out and then laugh because you have no idea what word you are looking for!
Luckily the kids had specials all morning, so I turned the lights off in the classroom and worked by the light of my Japanese hanging lamp over my desk (which gives a nice soft light, love IT!)
So the kids come back and I just said, listen kids, your poor teacher has a headache, please take care of me, no yelling or shouting out. So right before lunch I sat down at my desk, at a time I am normally not at my desk, and one of my dear sweet boys, said, "You guys Miss M is really tired." The kind thing gives me a sympathetic look, it was all too endearing for him to care.
The headache went away during lunchtime, but left me drained and exhausted the rest of the day. I hate days like today.

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