Friday, February 13, 2009

Missing: Plan Book!

I need to post an APB! I LOST my plan book!!!!! YIKES!!!!! I have looked everywhere and it's no where to be found. OK, good news is that I am very structured and have a routine, so I know what I do everyday regardless of writing it down, but still its my plan book, a place to put down my thoughts. I don't care if I only open it once a week, I need my plan book. I have retraced my steps, I know I had it last week Wednesday for planning time, then I think the last time I saw it was a week ago, Friday, during our meeting. I hope it shows up sometime soon!

Today's Valentine's Day Party was pretty good. Get this... no parents came! Which was pretty nice, I enjoy most of my parents, but not having them took off some pressure in a way. I let the kids plan what they wanted to to, they chose dance party. So our afternoon consisted of passing out valentines and then dancing to Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, and those other Disney singers that I can't even begin to remember. They had a good time, I sent them off right in time for that massive sugar high! HA HA HA poor parents had to deal with that!

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