Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Little Rant...

I was in the WORST mood ever yesterday!!! On Tuesday, I was thoroughly enjoying myself visiting my sister, who lives in Chicago. We were in the middle of the primate house at the Lincoln Park Zoo when my phone rings. It's my school. I answer, a little recorded, oh so cheery sounding message, "Good news staff and students we are opening for school and work TOMORROW!"

What? There was never even a glimpse of hope that they would reopen early. EVERYTHING we received said we are shut down until Monday. Do not go near the building, you are quarantined! Then all of a sudden at 2:00 in the afternoon we get the call to come in the next day?

I know I am complaining about a situation where I did get three free days off, but the fact is you can't expect staff and families to drop their schedule and plan for work/school in less than a day. I would have been fine with going back on Thursday, which would have given me time to prepare my lessons, but not the next day! Ends up there was a high amount of kids gone, probably half went away for the week, some were sick, and others never got the message we were opening early.

So needless to say I spent the next hour at the zoo with a cloud over my head. I had to leave Chicago, go back home to the suburbs, and back to reality.
The kicker is that they really didn't disinfect the school. They said they cleaned, but NO! The library was never touched, my room and most of the teacher's rooms were never touched.

I stepped inside the building yesterday and literally cried. I was so incredibly tired from walking all over downtown and the zoo. My body was so sore and I was not ready for the kids. Good thing I wasn't the only one that was in a rotten mood, the whole staff was.

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