Saturday, May 9, 2009

Run Forest Run...

Yesterday afternoon was perfect recess weather. Sunny and a bit warm, which is about time around here! I was counting down the minutes to when I could take the kids out.

I sitting on the "teacher bench" by the playground equipment, when a couple of my kids come running over to announce that one my girls had gotten hurt. She was all the way over on the blacktop, next to the playground but not exactly close. I look on down to see the girl curled up crying.

I don't know what prompted me, maybe the kids running along side me. I decided to sprint it across the grass and halfway across the blacktop. I was a runnin'! I was a runnin' fool!

I could hear the kids as I whizzed by them, "Ms. M. is running!" "Go Ms. M!" Then shouts of Ms. M, Ms. M! I waved as I ran by. I could see all the kids from other classes just stop and stare.

I get to the girl to discover not even a drop of blood or a bone sticking out! I asked what happened, she got pushed off the big boulder. Just some little scrapes, nothing really, just a lot of tears.

I said to her "Did you see me? I ran all the way here!" in a dramatic, I'm going to die voice. "I almost died running here!" By then she was cracking up but still crying. Got her up, brushed her off and sent her on her way to play.

Amazing thing, I ran in my oh so cute ballet flats!

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TeachEnEspanol said...

Isn't it the weirdest feeling to run fast nowadays? When we were younger, there was simply no other way to get somewhere. Now we sit on a teacher's bench while they have all of the fun. I bet you earned major points for showing that little one how much you cared. :)