Monday, February 22, 2010

Perfect Example...

I was teaching the kids the word taunt today. I asked for two volunteers to come up and act out what the word means. I had them go out in the hall and talk for a second on what they were going to say.

Mr. Thingy took this moment to kind of loudly whisper to me that he thinks that one of the boys out in the hall is wearing a baby onesie.

What? Imagine confused, this is so way out of context, not appropriate look on my face.

He continues to support it with evidence. He apparently says he can see it underneath his shirt.

I'm then telling him to stop, which he does, and we move on to the lesson.

Until we reach then end of talking about the word taunt.

He has to remark that he never taunts anyone.

"Ummm, you just did by making fun of someone else just a few minutes ago."

"Oh, yah. I guess I did."


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Literacy Teacher said...

Sometimes kids really just don't get it! LOL