Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And Here We Go...

Day One of state testing done... 6 more days and 7 more tests to go!

It is amazing as to what directions the kids don't follow.  My instructions were clear. Stay in your seats when you are done.  You may not move out of your seat until I say so.  When you are done you may read a book or sit there, nothing else.

Of course, I had three kids come up to me with their booklets when they were done.  I just give that little friendly smile and crazy eye look that says, "Ummm, what do you think you are doing?"

I had one girl taking break by sitting back and sipping on her water bottle and two kids decide that when the were finished to eat their snack.  None of this makes me mad but just a shake of the head, chuckle, wondering what else I can catch them doing.

My favorite was when a hand went up and the girl asked me what she can do with her dirty tissue.

I will give them some slack, this was day one.  I think by the end of the eight tests, they will get the hang of this.

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Literacy Teacher said...

My goodness - seven days of testing! I thought NY was bad with three days of ELA and then three days of Math. I do not feel so bad now!