Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tales From Test Land...

Day 2 Testing

1.  I give the kids gum to chew while taking the test, supposed to stimulate brain power or something like that.  The kids just think it's cool.  One boy was finished with his test and was having trouble sitting still for the remainder of the time.  At one point he looks at me, sticks out his green gum and mouths to me, "It tastes like salad."  Thanks for letting me know.

2.  My Thingy decided to take a little siesta during the middle of the test.  I look over to see him slouched in his chair, legs stretched out, arms folded across his chest,  his head back, chomping on his gum, eyes closed.  I actually watched in for a bit because honestly, it was quite a funny sight.  I thought ok, maybe he needs a slight brain break, he still had plenty of time to finish.  After like two minutes he comes back to life, looks at me, and I mouth to him, get to work.  Of which he does.

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veterankindergartenteacher said...

Just like a kid, lol. Showing you the gum is too funny!