Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Good Excuse...

Today was Earth Day.

Today I had a pretty bad, annoying headache in the morning.

Today I had an excuse as to why we were keeping the classroom lights off.  We worked by the light of my two japanese lantern lights and sunlight.  The overhead lights were killing my eyes.

The kids thought we were keeping lights off in honor of Earth day, which was true, I was planning on doing this, but it just so happened to work out on the day I had a pain in the you know what headache.

It was also a good excuse to play Planet Earth off of UnitedStreaming during the morning.

Luckily, after lunch I turned for the better, just in time for the oh so joyous walk-a-thon.  I stayed put and punched cards as the kids walked by (hey I had a total excuse for not walking).

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