Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Moustache Talk....

Ahh, you have to love Mr. Charming.  He was sitting at the classroom computer today, another boy was on the computer next to him.  Mr. Charming looks over at him and says, "Hey you're growing a moustache!  I have one too!"

I was at my desk for the moment, the computers are right in front of my desk.  So I peek over at the two of them having this conversation.  I said, "Seriously? A moustache?"

Of which Mr. Charming replies, "Yep, I have one you just can't see it because I'm black."  So he has an invisible moustache, that is camouflaged by his skin.  I took a closer look, no moustache.

He continues on with this moustache conversation with his friend, insisting he has one.

So later on in the day we were at spring pictures.  Mr. Charming was commenting on how he didn't want the picture lady to touch his hair, of which he has a pretty much shaved head, very little short hairs.

So I said to him, "Mr. Charming, you barely have hair on your head, they are not going to touch it.  Although, they might want to comb that moustache you are growing there."

The kids in line next to him, all turn around to see his invisible moustache.  I had to gently let him down that he really did not have hair, but not to worry because you will soon and when it grows in you will know!

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