Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Stress...

The last several weeks have been the most stressful, longest weeks of my life. As I have written before, I am being displaced from my building and have to transfer to another school in the district. This means I had to interview at all the schools that I was interested in. In a week and a half time frame I had seven interviews! Six different schools, one school with two rounds of interviews.

I have to say I am actually good at interviewing. I don't really get nervous too much and am able to answer the questions. I always tell my student teachers that while interviewing you need to have personality. If you don't have it, practice, and make it up. Luckily I think I have a natural personality.

So that being said, I now have to decide how I would rank the schools. If I were to get an offer from certain schools, which ones would I choose and why. It has been a very long, hard decision as all schools had something unique, something that made them great, but I have to follow my gut instinct and intuition as to which one is best for me.

Wednesday we find out which schools I get offers from. I then get to choose which school I want. Some under the table whispers have been going on and I already know that I am getting an offer from 4 out of 6 schools, with the possibility of a fifth one. It is flattering to say the least, but incredibly overwhelming. I truly feel bad for the schools that are not going to get me. Now not because they can't have me as a teacher, but that they get their hopes up and then I have to crush them.

So I shall wait another several days and then I think I can breathe!

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