Friday, September 24, 2010

My Fashion Consultants...

"Oh teacher, you brushed your hair today."  said my little one as I walked around the classroom this morning.

Excuse me?  Now if this isn't quite the backhanded comment.  I tried to proceed lightly but became really curious as to what she thought my hair looked like every other day.

"What? Why? You think I never brush my hair? What does my hair normally look like?"

Luckily someone shouted out the fact that I used a straight iron on it, making it really straight.  I have naturally curly hair, which I regularly do straighten but not flat iron.  This past week I have been leaving it curly, so the look of absolute straight hair must of thrown her through a loop.

Then I wore my colorful Puma shoes today.  See the post... Cool Kicks to see my colorful sneakers. Literally right in the middle of the lesson my dear student comes up and stands in front of me and announces she likes my shoes.  Thanks I appreciate it, can you please go back and sit down now, please? :)

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